5 Ways To Revive Dead Hair Without Chemical Treatment

Ever wondered why your hair feels so dead, brittle and coarse ? Having dead hair means having unmanageable hair mostly accompanied by a ton of tangles. Tangles, which further lead to hair fall every time you run your comb or brush into your hair. Dead hair is mostly possessed by people who have dry hair . Along with a frizzy and dead appearance , dead hair also have a contribution to other hair problems like hair fall, split ends and hair breakages.

But in order to access the solution of anything, we need to first understand the causes of the same.

Causes of dead hair

•External factors

External factors like environment around us containing smoke, dust, pollution, Ultra violet radiations from the sunlight, sudden blows of dry air and hot and dry climates are highly responsible for damaging of hair making them look dead.

•Heat damage

while getting ready, going out with your makeup on but not with “the hair “ you want sounds do unimaginable. In fact, when we dress up for an event or even for our daily life event, we do our hair according to our makeup and outfit which might sometimes include straightening them or curling them or crimping them or those exotic beach waves.
All these hairdos are done because of certain styling tools which by the means of heat compression style our hair in a particular pattern making them look just gorgeous and if by any chance, if you touch the curling rod or flat iron with your hands , it burns!

And now if we think for once, if the flat iron or the curling rod is leaving a bruise on your skin imagine what happens on your hair. Just because your hair doesn’t bruise out doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t feel anything. This gradually affects your hair in terms of elasticity, texture, smoothness and shine.

•Excessive shampooing

This reminds me of the famous saying “excess of everything is bad”. Our hair and scalp does need shampooing but not too often and talking of which, twice a week is the ideal number of times we should wash our hair with shampoos.The main purpose of shampoos is to pull out the oil and dirt in our scalp but when we do it on a regular basis, the shampoos pull out the natural moisture and oils in our scalp and hair strands leaving them and dehydrated and lifeless.

•The wrong products

Make sure when it comes to your hair care, you do not use the wrong product. Use hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair oils, hair serum et cetera according to your hair type.
There are certain shampoos and other hair products specially designed for dry hair while there are some other products which are specially designed for curly hair.Even if you have ever gotten a chemical treatment on your hair such as colouring or bleaching, make sure you use shampoos and conditioners and other products suitable for your hair type or else you are very prone to have dead hair.

•Various chemicals in hair products

Reading this blog will definitely make you going through the ingredients label of the hair products you will buy next time. There are certain chemicals which are involved in the manufacture of hair products which leave a harmful impact on the hair and do more damage than the expected repair hence being responsible for dead hair.

So, while going through the ingredients label, make sure to SKIP the hair products containing parabens, formaldehyde, sulphites like Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

These chemicals are very much known for causing hair problems along with dead hair. Along with these chemicals, make sure to skip chemically scented shampoos or conditioners.

Now, since we have come across various causes of hair damage and dead hair, we are ready to move further and look up to the solutions for getting rid of dead hair without chemical treatments.

Ways to revive dead hair

Revival of anything can be a hard part. Reviving one’s hair can be a process which requires a hell lot of patience. Due to difference in hair types of people and also the climates they live in , the results may vary from person to person.

•Having a proper hair care schedule

The ideal hair care schedule always involves oiling your hair one day before shampooing and leaving it overnight.The next day, when you shampoo your hair, the shampooing must be followed by the use of the complimentary conditioner.
After conditioning, make sure to use a hair mask once a week on your hair which will provide the utmost nourishment to your hair. Do this hair care twice a week however skipping the application of the hair mask part in the second time as applying hair mask once a week is sufficient. Hair mask is very effective for dead hair.

•Hair oiling

Hair oiling is a very important part in a hair care routine . Oiling your hair on a regular basis causes your hair to be moistures and is the best and the fastest way to revive dead hair as oils will provide moisture and nourishment to one’s dead hair and scalp.

However, oiling your hair daily or keeping your hair oiled for a long period of time may cause hair fall or falling off of weak strands of hair on scalp due to heavy oils in the scalp. Hair oiling, along with providing nourishment and care to hair, also relieves stress after a long day of work or school.

There are different types of hair oils which have their own different benefits. Select your hair oil according to your hair type and texture and on the basis of what benefit you want from the same and watch the magic!!

•Seeing your stylist often

This doesn’t mean you got to go to your salon and say hi to your stylist and carry on with your work. But, this does mean you have to go to your salon, say hi to your stylist and ask them to give you regular trims and haircuts at least once in two months.
Regular hair trims help promote healthy growth of shiny and damage free hair making your hair very less prone to become dead and dry.

•before you go to bed

Before you go to bed sleeping beauty, make sure to not to sleep on your hair. Do not sleep with your hair down or open haired. Do not even sleep with yo ur hair tied back in a tight ponytail as it causes breakage of hair and hair fall.

In stead, tie your hair in a sleek and loose ponytail before sleeping. You can also braid your hair and as a matter of fact that would leave waves in your hair for the rest of the morning.
Also, the pillow case you use while sleeping plays a major role in your hair texture.Cotton pillow case is known to deplete moisture from the hair leaving it dry and frizzy and causing hair to look like dead hair. However, this situation can be contradicted by using a silk pillowcase in stead of a cotton one as a silk pillowcase prevents the breakage of hair and helps to make it look shiny and healthy.

•Say no to heat styling damage

Hair styling is very much known for causing dead hair.Cutting down the hair styling tools that damage your hair doesn’t certainly mean that you should not use tools them at all for styling your hair. However, it does mean that you should reduce the use of such tools which to cause such severe damage to your hair rendering them dead and dry.

Such tools and their impact of heat on the hair sucks out the moisture in hair leaving them dehydrated and dry. This causes a dead and dry look of hair when the magic of these tools wears off.And you should promote the use of heat protectant sprays and science before using these tools. Learn the importance of heat protection sprays for hair in the short video below ⬇️

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