10DOs and DONTs for glowing glass skin without skin care routine

Tired of asking someone what do they do for their glowing glass skin and getting an answer “I drink a lot of water “?If so, then this blog is the correct place where you can find tips on what to do and what not to do to get a glowing glass skin.In this blog, you will find different ways to get a glowing glass skin which doesn’t involve a so called skincare routine involving various skin care products.


•If drinking water is not helping the skin get hydrated, then go for aloe vera gel.Massaging aloe vera gel every day into your skin in circular motions for at least five minutes will help hydrate your skin and ultimately leading to a glowing glass skin.

•Always wear suitable sunscreen on your skin while going out.A wide range of sunscreens are available in market according to various skin types.Harmful radiations including the ultra violet radiations from the sun can interact directly with your skin with no sunscreen on, hence causing dullness and tanning of skin.

•Always wear a moisturiser before applying make up as the moisturiser acts as a distinguishing film or layer between your natural skin and the make up you will apply. The harsh chemicals in your make up can affect your skin if they come directly in contact with your natural skin for a long time and hence would decrease the glow of your skin and cause other negative effects on your skin including complexion problems.

•Cleanse your face twice a day.Once, after waking up and the other time before going to bed. Due to the increased pollution in our surroundings, we need to make sure that the pores in our skin are free of pollutants which make the face have a dull and tired look.

•Nothing in the world can be done without a good sleep. Make sure you do not alter your sleep schedule in order to achieve a healthy and glowing skin as late nights don’t just affect your body the next day but they can affect your skin too.

•Most of the people are aware of the fact that alcohol has a major role In dehydrating the body.It basically dehydrates the body and constricts the blood vessels, which reduces blood circulation in the skin and hence can result in dull and tired-looking skin.

•Along with cutting down the alcohol intake, one must also reduce caffeine intake in order to achieve a glowing skin.Caffeine increases the amount of water we lose from our body acting as a diuretic which means consuming too much caffeine can dehydrate the skin .

•A morning walk does wonders for the skin.One must wake up at 6 in the morning and take themselves to a morning walk or a jog around the block. Along with a healthy skin, morning walk or jog gives a head start to a fantastic and refreshing day.

•Use a peel off mask once in a week. Peel off masks pull out even minute impurities present in your skin leaving behind a glowing glass skin. There are certain peel off masks available in the market which are especially made to hydrate your skin giving the skin an instant glow.

•We all are aware of the saying “ we are what we eat” . This saying simply means that whatever we eat shows in our body which includes our skin as well. Diet is the most important constituent of anything we do in our life. If we eat healthy, we look healthy. In a similar way, eating food which will promote healthy and glowing glass skin will plat a great role in your life. These food mainly include avocados, citrus fruits , apricots, plums and papayas.


•Never sleep with your make up on. Always wipe of your make up before going to bed as the chemicals and ingredients of your makeup can block pores in your skin making it look dull. Along with this, having make-up on your skin overnight can have other effects too like acne or dark spots.

•Avoid washing your face with soaps.Every part of our body has a particular PH. Using soap on your face can disturb the pH of your face, instead, you should prefer washing your face with face wash. Face washes do not disturb the pH of your face. There are a variety of face washes available in the market for different skin types and purposes.

•Avoid desserts.I don’t even need to explain this point. Desserts are just tasty and mouthwatering foods with a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in them. These constituents disturb your skin and act as a rock in your way to a fresh glass like glowing glass skin. Instead, when you crave for dessert, have a fruit:)

•Do not pick, pop or burst on your pimples. Doing these cause dark spots, scars or permanent marks on your skin.Do not touch the pimples with your nail. They become septic and also leave the face with marks. Pimples might look bad to you on your face and you’d like to get rid of them as soon as possible but instead of popping them if you show a little patience and let them go naturally, it will lead to a spot free glowing glass skin.

• Avoid staying up till late in the night. As this affects one’s body, it also affects one’s skin. Sleeping early and waking up early definitely helps the skin. So, for a glowing glass skin, turn that phone on flight mode, set an alarm for six in the morning and sleep

•Do not overdo your skin by using too many chemicals on your face as they will bring in redness and rashes and might as well dehydrate your skin leaving it lifeless dull and tired.

• Leave the chain smoker in you behind.According to dermatologists, Nicotine reduces blood flow to your skin, which means it doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. And the chemicals in tobacco damage the collagen and elastin proteins that give your skin structure. In other words, one must quit smoking while wanting a glowing glass skin.

•Do not scrub dry and flaky skin you see on your face rather than scrubbing away, soothe dryness with hydration using products like moisturiser and aloe Vera gel which would anyway lead to a glowing glass skin.

•Use paraben free and fragrance free products on your face as paraben is very harmful to skin and causes various side effects on the skin.

•Last don’t for a glowing skin is don’t skip your water intake. If your body is hydrated, your skin will be hydrated as well. Even if you are not able to see results of a glowing glass skin by drinking 3 liters of water within four weeks doesn’t mean you should stop it. The results will be seen soon as it varies from person to person. The water intake will first meet the needs of your body and then come to the skin.

Do not expect to see the results in just a short span of time. The results vary from person to person depending upon every individual’s body and sometimes even heredity. And since everything takes time ,give yourself time , love yourself and try to stay as much stress free as possible. Even factors like stress okay a vital role in the texture of your skin. Even if you do not have glowing glass skin, doesn’t mean that you’re not pretty. So in the end it doesn’t even matter but still if for yourself you want that glass like glow in your skin, practice all of this and have a fixed schedule to carry out all the activities that are mentioned above.

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