AFTERLIFE-where do we go after we die?

What is afterlife ?

Afterlife, as the word itself suggests, is the life one sees after dying. Afterlife is a place or maybe a realm or dimension where the souls of people are after they die. People have to face the results of what they did while they were alive after they die. 

Can Stephen hawking be wrong?

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife broken down computers. That is a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark.”These are the words of Stephen Hawking, an English physicist and the director of research at the centre of theoretical cosmology at the Cambridge University with an IQ of 160.

The statement he made above refers to human beings as computers, those machines which do not have emotions, conscience and no conscious and subconscious minds. An object that works on to our commands. So how can we even be compared to something that we created and we command.  

Computers do not birth themselves but human beings have the sacred power to create another human being within themselves. This is an evidence enough to prove that human brain is nothing like a computer and when the components of human brain feel the energy that has been able to control it and help it function properly is released. This energy does not have any eyes mouth or any sensory organ it is just a form of energy.
As we studied in chemistry that mass neither be created nor destroyed, the very similar way we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.This implies that the energy within the human body that has been controlling the mind and causing it to function can not be destroyed once the human body is dead.That energy cannot die even if the body is not in functioning state or has even decomposed.

What do we feel when we die?

Since as we die we leave our eyes, ears, skin, brain, lungs etc  all in our body and the only thing we have is the energy that drives us when we are alive. So the energy does not have eyes, your skin, brain or anything when it is released out of your body. The energy can just feel vibrations. It cannot see anything, it cannot hear anything or not even feel anything other than those vibrations which stimulate it.

When that energy is released out of the body into the world, it interacts with other energies in the form of vibrations and auras.People who have helped other people throughout their life and who have never meant harm to anyone intentionally have a lighter and clear coloured aura while people who have done sinful things when they were alive and have lived a dark life, have a dark and scary aura.

How does karma work in the afterlife?

Sure, we can agree that there is no heaven or hell after we die but the auras differentiate the energies on the basis of people they were when they were alive. The universe is vast and karmic. The universe treats the auras exactly on the basis of their colour. The lighter coloured auras which used to be good people when they were alive are treated in vibrational frequency that soothes those energies making the experience of the afterlife better for them.

Is there heaven and hell?

However, the darker coloured auras are treated in intolerable vibrational frequencies making their afterlife experience bitter. We can say that all this happens in a dimension other than ours which is meant solely for the afterlife purpose of energies and auras.

In many religions the concept of heaven and hell is talked about but universal truths do not change under any influence. The universe and the science of energies has been existing since the human being has ever been familiar with the concept of religion or even long before humanity ever existed.
The universe and the world is full of bad energies and good energies.Isn’t this the basic criteria we use to classify people? We call a person a good person when he/she gives us good energies and we call them a bad person when they give us bad energies.

How much does the soul weigh?

The soul in the human body is just an energy like this.This argument of mine is supported by Dr Duncan Mac Dougall’s experiment in 1907 . Dr Duncan Mac Dougall Is a physician/doctor from Massachusetts who attempted to measure the weight of the human soul.Dr Duncan chose six human subjects who were on the verge of dying in 1907.

He noted and measured the change in mass exactly seconds before their death and exactly after their death. As a result of this experiment, Dr Duncan explored and concluded that just after the souls left the bodies of his human subjects, a significant change in weight was observed. That change in weight was 21.3 grams. Therefore, by this experiment Dr Duncan tried to prove that the weight of the human soul is 21.3 grams.

But the drawback of this experiment was that out of the six human subjects only one of them showed this change in weight after dying. This later proved out to be the ground of rejection for Dr Duncan’s experimental report.

However, this experiment of his was later discarded and regarded as inappropriate and involving the use of unsuitable and untrustable equipment.

This question of where do we go after we die has been one of the greatest puzzles of all time. Some people have claimed to have died and then come back. Some claim to be in a tunnel with light on the other end while some claim to just have this feeling of being floated in air. Some people also claimed to have seen colours and colourful lights.

Anita moorjani in 2006 experienced something we are discussing right now called the afterlife. Anita moorjani is a public speaker and an author who at that time was suffering from lymphatic cancer and slipped into a coma the very same year and gave up on her state after a lot of efforts. Expected to succumb to her cancer, life of Anita moorjani took a stunning turn. According to Anita moorjani she felt like floating in the air above her body and witnessed a peripheral 360 degree vision and could vividly see the hospital room. She also commented on the fact of feeling so numb that she could barely feel any pain and after a very long time she had not felt any discomfort and cancer related symptoms. After sometime she realised herself going back to her body and regaining consciousness. Examining her body, doctors found all her organs to be functioning properly and her tumours shrinking now making her cancer free.

This condition of dying and coming back to life is referred to as Lazarus syndrome. It means that the blood circulation spontaneously returns after a person’s heart stops beating. These experiences are termed to be near death experiences or NDE. Also the near death experience is admitted by the medical science as a clinical evidence of the afterlife.
The human brain and the universe are vast components of human life maybe. Maybe one day we will be able to solve the mysteries of where do we go when we sleep and where do we go when we die and how do we come back as an infant in someone’s womb or do we even come back?

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