What is stress?It is really hard to express what is stress in words. But we can say the feeling that makes a person pressurised for something which in some cases they can control and in some they cannot.Everyone has their own definitions of stress but still everyone feels the same stresses from different situations.


Everything around us has some effect on our body and mind. Everything we feel as humans affects us in some way or the other. Therefore in case a person is stressed it can be seen on their faces or by their actions and it does affect their body.Stress has different impacts on different parts of one’s body


The main stress hormone is cortisol and too much of cortisol, the stress hormone can make your heart condition bad leading to rhythm abnormalities, high blood pressure, high heart rate and even palpitations.


We have learnt in sciences that skin is the largest tissue of the body, so imagine the effect of stress on the largest issue of the body. Stress can cause skin outbreaks on our face and we can even use the term stress acne or stress pimples in such cases.It is not very easy to get rid of stress pimples or stress acne but once we get rid of the stress and feel calm and collected, these stress pimples do go away on their own.


Hair fall during stress is a very much know effect of stress to most of us. Yes! Stress can cause severe hair fall and itchiness in your scalp. You can see hair strands in numbers while running your hand in your hair when you are stressed.


Have you ever heard of the term emotional eating? If not, then emotional eating refers to excessive eating of a person when he or she is feeling stressed. When one is stressed it affects the digestive system a lot which is why people can either have less to no appetite when they are stressed or can have more food than they actually eat.In some cases, people feel their stomach aching when they are stressed and it is all because the stress isn’t only affecting your brain but your body, your guts and your eating habits.


Have you ever been to a stage where you are so stressed that your hands and feet go cold and numb and sometimes start to shiver and you can’t breathe? If you have, I hope you never feel that again. It is because the stress your mind takes effects your lungs too leading to shortness of breath or stroke or tightness in chest. When the stress you are handling is too much, you might feel that there is a pain in your chest and you might have trouble breathing.It is all because the stress in your mind is affecting your lungs as well.


Just the way everything we eat shows on our body, everything we think or feel also shows on our body. Stress causes many effects on one’s behaviour.Some of these are

•Withdraw from other people or snap at them

•Sleeping problems which might be sleeping too much or sleeping very little or even insomnia in some cases

•Aggression and negativity

•Smoke, drink or drugs as they might make one feel detached from the reality

•When stress becomes overwhelming and prolonged it might increase the risk of depression

•Frequently occurring anxiety and panic attacks

•spending more time on your phone sometimes doing absolutely nothing.

• PNI research suggests that chronic stress can lead to mood disorders, bipolar disorders, cognitive problems, personality changes and behavioural problemsPeople can understand you but people cannot know what you are going through because it is you who is feeling things


People can understand you but people cannot know what you are going through because it they do not deal with what you deal with.Having friends and family around when you are stressed might feel annoying but friends and family understand you more than anyone. Also, one can use a friend or a family member to talk to when stressed out.Some of the other methods to cope up with stress are as under

•face the situation that is stressing you out.The only way to pass a storm is to yeah outlast the storm and not to run away from it. Maybe facing your problem will end your stress.

•If you are stressing about the future, then you are stressing about something that has not even happened yet and is not even sure that will happen or not so live in the present and don’t think about it

•Talk to a therapist if you fear being judged by your friends or family because therapists don’t judge

•help someone else to make yourself feel better and maybe that can divert your mind

•go on an adventure or a trip with someone you’re comfortable with and have fun with

•try breathing exercises that relieve stress from

these really help!!!


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