Eyelash extensions-latest pros and cons you need to know 2021

Eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?We women really like getting all dolled up with those big eyelashes and spending hours in front of our mirrors.But in this scenario, leaving all the make up aside and talking just of eye make up, kajal and eyeliner or not the only part of a make up. We gotta put on some gorgeous lashes curl them and stuff. However, if we can save up some time for that procedure say if you have your lashes done every morning you wake up, you just gotta put on that primer, concealer, foundation, liner and a gorgeous lip colour before going to work, or maybe just a lipstick and that’s it!!!!Isn’t that wonderful!!

Also eyes without eyeliner but with eyelashes look much better than eyes with eyeliner but without lashes. Periodddtttt.So in my opinion, instead of glueing your lashes every day it is better that you get your eyelash extensions done

Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions

Q: Are eyelash extensions permanent?

A: Eyelash extensions are not permanent rather we can see they are semipermanent because these are basically hand glued individually on top of our natural eyelashes and they look really real just as your real eyelashes.

Q: How long do eyelash extensions last?

A: Eyelash extensions can last for 6 to 8 weeks until they start to fall off on their own and then you can go back to your stylist and have them refilled.

Q: Do eyelash extensions damage to natural eyelashes?

A: No, eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural eyelashes if applied correctly. You can go to a legit and well reviewed stylist because bad application and improper procedure with improper products containing toxic ingredients can ruin your eyelids or eyelashes.So eyelash extensions are not dangerous if your stylist is using proper methods and materials.

Q: Do eyelash extensions look really extra and loud done falsies?

A: It depends upon what you like because eyelash extensions can be customised by your stylist you can choose whatever kind of eyelash extension you want to have on your eyes.So if you wanted to be loud an extra they can be that way and if you do not want it loud and extra you can have them as well.

Q: What is the whole procedure?

A: Do not try this at home on yourself or anyone, you might end up damaging your or their eyes and lashes which can even be permanent.


•You wake up looking gorgeous and who doesn’t want that. It automatically boosts your mood for the day like a good head start.

•You do save time with your make up because you do not have to glue on your false lashes and curl them and do all the stuff you do

•Even if you step out with no make up you look really fetch because your eyes look loud so do the math

•Stepping up your lash game always makes us feel like the Queens we are

•You won’t have to hear “you look tired” or “are you sick” when you are without make up


•Having your eyelash extensions way longer and thicker than your natural eyelashes can cause trouble. Just because you like those thick and intense lashes doesn’t mean your eyes can handle them. Your stylist can help you in this case and tell you what lashes should be used according to your face and eye shape.

•If you get your eyelash extensions done once then you will have to get a refill every 4 to 6 weeks. It is not necessary that you have to get your refill because you’ve had your lashes done once but if you do not get a refill then all your eyelash extensions will fall off eventually.

•Also eyelash extensions can be expensive because all good things do cost handsome



•Before getting your eyelash extensions done ensure that your stylist is using appropriate products. For this ask your stylist about the ingredients in the lash adhesive, if they refuse or question you cancel the appointment. Any mention of formaldehyde should make you cancel the appointment as well because any cosmetic adhesive containing formaldehyde can cause itchiness, redness and irritation in eyes.Preferred the adhesive containing butyl cyanoacrylate and octal cyanoacrylate

•After getting your eyelashes done, do not wash your face or let any drop of water touch your eyelashes for 24 hours or so because adhesive needs time to dry out and your eyelashes to get all fixed.

•Avoid wearing mascara on eyelashes once you have your extensions done because at the end of the day when you are about to take off your mascara it might cause your eyelash extensions to fall off slowly and gradually

•Do not use regular make up remover to remove your make up because that might weaken the glue of eyelash extensions

•Use cleansers formulated to be safe for eyelash extensions because other cleanser products may contain chemicals that can break down the bond of your eyelash extensions.


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