Oiling your hair is a key step in your hair care.We should regularly oil our hair, let it rest overnight and then wash it off so that our hair gets proper nourishment and essential minerals.But since there are plenty of hair oils with different benefits we need to sort them out according to our hair type and texture.

Almond hair oil

Almond oil is known for its hydrating and nourishing properties. It can protect from sun damage. By massaging almond oil in the scalp one can reduce breakage, dandruff and dry roots.

Also, almond oil is rich in biotin (a vitamin essential for healthy hair) which is why application of almond oil provides proper and essential nourishment to hair

Olive hair oil

Olive oil has come in spotlight for hair care due to its unbelievable property of boosting hair growth.As olive oil strengthens hair follicles and fights hair loss, it helps in hair growth and if you’re looking for something that would add volume in your hair then yes olive oil is the oil you need to massage on your scalp.

Lavender hair oil

Whenever I hear about lavender I get reminded of the beautiful lavender fields and the divine fragrance of lavender oil does complete justice with those beautiful fields. Lavender as a herb is used for helping anxiety , stress and better sleep.

However, lavender oil should always be used after diluting it with either olive oil or coconut oil before application on scalp.Lavender oil apart from its mesmerising fragrance, has its antiseptic properties which prevent head lice, lice eggs, and nits.It also boosts hair growth and prevents dandruff.

Coconut hair oil

A study showed and proved that coconut oil in hair prevents protein loss under many harmful circumstances.Among the three people who had their hair oiled with different oils, the person with coconut oil in scalp had the least protein loss and damage from conditions like exposure to ultraviolet light, chemical treatments and colour treatments.

Therefore it would be appropriate to say that coconut oil prevents our hair from environmental damage like sun, wind, dust, dirt and smoke. Talking about benefits of coconut hair oil, there are plenty. coconut oil gives shine to your hair and moisturises it. It also reduces hair frizz which is a very common problem.

However using too much of coconut oil can make your hair greasy and lead to hair loss. Also, it would cause previously detached hair to fall away from your scalp more easily.

Rosemary hair oil

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub. It’s not a tree oil as it does not contain any fat. Rosemary oil has been used in many folk medicines since a long time and now scientists are discovering more about this oil and one of the things proven by the scientist about this oil is its ability of hair growth.In a study, it was found that when men with Androgenetic alopecia(a kind of baldness) massaged Rosemary hair oil into their scalp twice a day for six months,the increase in hair thickness was just like of those people who used minoxidil( a common remedy for hair growth).Sounds like magic right!

Castor hair oil

Castor hair oil is particularly known for its ability to boost hair length.If you are a fan of long hair then this oil is for you.Since castor oil is extremely heavy and viscous, it needs to be diluted with other plant derived oils like olive, coconut or Jojoba oil before application because application of castor oil alone can cause the weak hair to fall off.

Castor oil promotes fast growth of hair which is literally boosting your hair length and it also contains properties of straightening hair strands.

Jojoba hair oil

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Jojoba hair oil contains natural forms of vitamin E. Jojoba oil is Botanical substance but its buildup is similar to sebum which is the natural oil that oil glands in our skin produce which makes it ideal for dead and dry hair.

Due to its moisturising properties it also reduces frizz and moisturises the hair. It repairs damaged hair and prevents breakage of hair due to heat styling.


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