Your life is yours but is affected by people who are just a part of your life and NOT YOUR LIFE. No matter how close bond you share with people but they’ll always be an external factor in your life and you, your conscious and your subconscious mind will be the internal factors.You can’t control the external factors all the time so you must master the control over your internal factors so that you know how to handle your emotions and be happy.

Happy life is a myth.No one can be happy all the time but you can focus on the bright side and be happy even in hard times.Not having a happy life is not in your control but choosing to look at the bright side of a negative situation is in your control.This concept can be mastered only if you know how to attract positive vibes.

•Let go of negative people who try to de-motivate you or have a negative aspect to every thing you see in a positive way.As it is said a boat never drowns because of the water around it but the water that got in it.Make sure positive people’s energies go into you so that it adds on to your positivity.

•Include positive daily affirmations every morning like “I am strong and healthy”, “I am going to score well in the test” , “ I am happy in my life” etc.

•Every night before sleeping right five things that made you happy during the day time

•Go out daily and meet positive people.See plants and trees and animals and feel the breeze.Spend some alone time in a park and observe people.

•Invest your free time in reading books like the art of happiness by the Dalai Lama and ikigai:the Japanese secret of a long and happy life by Hector Garcia and Francesc Millares

•One should meditate for 20 to 25 minutes daily because meditation helps to gain emotional stability and balance. Meditation helps to tap into the subconscious mind and welcomes positive vibes of the universe into your body.

•Learn to let things go.If you can’t control something or someone then let it go.

•Don’t let others opinions affect you.They will say what they want to say and that reflects their behaviour and how you react reflects yours. So if you want to maintain your peace of mind, don’t let anyone have the power to control your peace.Let them say what they say.

•Don’t compare yourself to others.This could be one of the most toxic things people do to themselves and is the key to rob yourself of positive energy. In fact, comparing yourself to others in any aspect is disrespecting yourself.

•Attract positivity so that positivity reaches you. The universe is a lot more powerful than you think it is. In fact, the universe lies within yourself. You get what you attract.If you attract insecurities, tensions, sadness and worries then that is what you will get but if you attract positivity and happiness, you will feel that in your soul.
Your universe works according to you.You just need to know how to make it work.

Can you be happy if you get anxious or depressed?

If you have anxiety or depression or even a history of anxiety and depression, it can affect how you feel and still if you want to be happy and positive it’s a sign and scope of improvement and for this you might need help of a therapist or a person who understands you and listens to you.
A therapist won’t tell you how to be happy but will help you to understand yourself so that you know how to control your thoughts and energies.


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