In our lives, we come across plenty of people we call FRIENDS. Some leave us and some get left. Some we remember and some we forget. However the life goes on.

Sometimes we’re deeply traumatised by our friends and sometimes we’re willing to do everything for the people we call friends or maybe best friends.Everything is fine until you sense something fishy on their part and you suspect that your friend or best friend may not be who they say they are.

How to know your friend is fake?

•This might sound weird but if everyone they meet becomes their best friend, then this is not some EXTROVERT behaviour but instead it’s a sign that they don’t even know what friendship is.

•If they avoid conversations about their career plans or study because they don’t want to let you know so that you don’t get ahead of them. Whereas real friends lift each other up without even having the thought of competing.

•They find some excuse every time you need them or try to avoid the times you are in need.Like if you text him that you need help or you’re in some problem they would reply hours later.

•When they fight with you they expect you to always apologise.

•If you’re going through a heartbreak they would get tired of listening to you and would not respond to you or even bail on you and this is a red flag because real best friends always stay no matter how much you vent.

•If they belittle you in front of others or make fun of your insecurities or weaknesses even personally then they are not your friends because some people belittle others to feel big and that’s sick.

•When you talk about your problems or a major event of your life they seem uninterested or you can see them faking their expression or they might as well cut you in and talk about themselves

•If the gossip about other friends to you then they surely gossip about you to their other friends.

•If you hear from them only when they need you and then they never check up on you again until they have another problem then that’s a fake friend.

How to check/confirm if they really are fake?

•Tell a big happy news to them and see their reaction and their expressions.If they are genuinely happy with you and the news you’re sharing you will come to know you will sense it but if they’ll fake it then it would become obvious.

•Tell them a sad news or a sad event that had happened recently and see their reaction if they cut you in and say “it will be fine” or “chill” or “you need to relax” and continue with their normal behaviour then they’re really not bothered with you.

•Tell them a small secret and see who else knows about it, this is how it would be revealed if they leak your secrets and you can confirm that you had been friends with a snake.

How to get rid of a fake friend?

•One thing you can do to get rid of a fake friend is to lower your expectations. You can set boundaries with them and consider them as a mere acquaintance instead of your friend or best friend.When they will observe you being distant , either they’ll not talk to you at all and most likely y’all might lose contact or a minimum chance that they will try to sort things out .

•Communicate with them, tell them whatever you feel and how are you feel that you are being used as a friend and that they’re not good friends and see their reaction.If they deny their behaviour or become hostile or try to play the blame game then there’s no point in sorting things out with them. However, if they agree that they’ve been acting shady or if they realise it or if they continue a decent conversation and apologise , you might consider giving them another chances.

•The most preferable solution to get rid of a fake friend if you’re very sure that they’re toxic and fake and not who they be in front of you is to cut them off entirely and let them go. Severing ties with such people is better for your mental health and everyday life.


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