In our busy lives these days, we face various hair problems and with every problem there comes a solution, so all our hair problems do have a solution.Let’s discuss these hair problems.


Many people face the trouble of seeing white flakes in their scalp or in some cases when you rub or itch your scalp, scattering of white flakes is seen in hair. That is dandruff and it basically is dead skin cells in your scalp that fall off and it is quite common.

Causes of dandruff

•exposure to a lot of dry hair

•dry skin and a lot of itching

•too much of sebum production

•irregular hair washes

How to control dandruff

•Application of aloe Vera gel onto the scalp can help get rid of dandruff

•Providing moisture and nourishment to hair by oiling helps a lot with this problem

•Spend time in sunlight as sunlight helps to suppress growth of dandruff and prevents flaky scalp.Make sure to protect your skin in sunlight with a sunscreen.

When to see a doctor?

Dandruff isn’t necessarily a problem of scalp hair but it can also be seen in other parts like eyebrows, eyelashes, forehead ,ears or anywhere you have body hair.

When you are not seeing any relief in your dandruff or feeling that the dandruff is “spreading” , then you might need to see a doctor.


Among the hundred thousands of hair strands on your scalp, it is normal to lose 40-50 hair strands a day. Have you ever wondered why don’t we go bald if we lose so much hair everyday?It is because when old hair strands fall off, new hair strands replace them which doesn’t make you bald. However, this doesn’t always happen and thus hair loss can develop. It can develop gradually over time or can be sudden. Sometimes it can be permanent and sometimes it can be temporary.

Causes of hair fall

•If you experience a family history of baldness, it is very likely for you to go through the same and witness hair fall

•Hormonal changes also triggers hair in females

•Scalp infections like ringworm can be a reason

•Using the wrong shampoo for your hair type and texture might be the issue

•Diet lacking in protein , biotin and iron


How to control hair fall?

•Consumption of diet rich in biotin like salmon, eggs ,peanuts, mushrooms etc

•Application of egg masks mixed with aloe Vera gel and olive oil and leaving it for 30 minutes would help control hair fall and will provide shiny and smooth hair

•hair transplant surgeries have become quite common for those suffering from inherited and permanent baldness

•Stop pulling back your hair in that tight braid or bun or ponytail for hours sis

•Massage warm onion oil onto your scalp. It would improve blood circulation and would also help you relieve your stress along with helping your hair with hair fall.

When should you see a doctor?

If you see yourself losing more hair than usual or you observe thinning patches of hair or small bald spots on your scalp, you should definitely go see a doctor.


Hair with coarse and brittle hair strands which might feel rough to touch and give a dead and dry look are referred to rough hair.
Rough hair strands tend to tangle a lot among themselves and are sometimes even hard to brush or comb.

Causes of rough hair

•Dry or hot climate

•Over-usage of heat and styling tools like curling iron, flat iron, straighteners etc

•Usage of wrong shampoo for your hair type and texture might be the reason for your hair feeling rough and coarse

•Excessive hair washing

•Hair dyes and bleaches have chemicals that lift the natural oils in your hair which are required for healthy and shiny hair.

How to treat rough hair?

•Using hair mask mixed with 3-4 drops of argan oil or coconut oil and leaving it for 20 minutes

•Check in your salon for regular hair trims

•Cut down on heat styling and using hair protectant sprays before using the tools

•Oil your hair one might before washing it

•Add omega 3 supplements in your diet

•use a conditioner after shampooing

When to see a doctor?

If your rough hair is causing excessive itchiness , hair loss , redness on scalp or scaly scalp then you might need to see a doctor.


Splitting of the terminal ends of hair is referred to split ends. However, split ends are not always split in two ends.There are six types of split ends.

Seeing split ends in your hair is a red flag meaning your hair is damaged or very prone to damage. Split ends are often accompanied by rough and dead hair.

Causes of split ends

•excessive heat styling on hair

•chemical and colour treatments which make the cuticle weaker and promote split ends

•washing your hair too often

•exposure to a lot of dry hair

• environmental smokes of dust and dirt

•not oiling your hair

How to control split ends ?

•Apply hair mask every week

•Ho for regular trims

•using damage repair shampoos can help a lot

•don’t over brush your hair

•using suitable hair serums everytime you go out can protect from environmental damage

•using heat resistant sprays before using styling tools are of absolute help.

When to see a doctor?

See, split ends is a very common problem causing the hair to damage. It cannot cause such a damage that you need to see a doctor.


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